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And I believe this may call for a proper introduction, and well
Don't you see? I'm the narrator, and this is just the prologue

The crazy kids and tangled relationships of one town in particular has all the makings of what could very well be the next MTV "reality drama"... ARBOR HEIGHTS. The story begins with one group of incoming West Seattle High seniors and their ever-growing network of friends that extends even to their rival school, Chief Sealth High in the neighboring town of Westwood. It's the summer of 2006, and these group of friends find it only fitting to kick the excitement up a notch to honor the final summer months of their high school lives.

About The Cast

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And isn't this exactly where you'd like me
I'm exactly where you'd like me, you know
Praying for love in a lap dance and paying in naivety

Say this is a hot new drama on The CW. The first 10 characters are the "regulars" -- the main cast. As the story progresses the status of the characters may change, depending on what happens to them. A regular or two may be written off the show or given less screen time, and new regular cast members may be added. This is where your MYOCs will come in, if they eventually become a big enough part of the RP. I've provided some information already for the main cast, and although these are just the basics, they are facts that are pretty relevant to the background story so far. If you decide to take one of the available characters, you may add some details of your own (in fact, it would be cool if you did, especially in the History and Relationships) as long as they don't completely change the character. And, if you'd like to create any siblings (whole, step, half, whatever you please) for these characters, you may do so as well.

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You can take the kid from the fight, can’t take the fight from the kid.

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