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About The Town

. . : : ABOUT ARBOR HEIGHTS : : . .

People who grow up in West Seattle tend to stay there. - Beth Luce, Writer

Thanks to the city's many hills, lakes, and bays, all Seattle neighborhoods are distinct. However, none is more a world unto itself than giant West Seattle. West Seattle's miles of rolling peninsula feature many of the city's loveliest parks and beaches, its highest hills, a couple of happening retail districts studded with good restaurants, middle-class neighborhoods blessed with gorgeous views, and a mix of residents as diverse as any in town. One of the draws of West Seattle is the Junction, an urban center that invites walking and offers good restaurants, pubs, caf├ęs, delis, antique stores and interesting retail shops. Another treasure is Lincoln Park -- 135 acres of beaches, gardens, playfields and a saltwater swimming pool. Among its residents, West Seattle features more than its share of famous and not-so-famous rock stars, mountaineers, artists and others taken with its unpreposessing, outdoorsy style.

Arbor Heights, a flourishing neighborhood in the southernmost section of West Seattle, provides the setting for our story. Bordered on the west by the Puget Sound, it offers beautiful views and numerous options for leisure activities. The weather is considered just right for most of the year, and this promotes a healthy outdoor lifestyle for its residents.

Arbor Heights