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Supporting Cast

West Seattle High

NAME: Erika Lincoln
AGE: 17
SCHOOL: West Seattle High
JOB: Unemployed for now
PERSONALITY: Introspective. Sincere. Effervescent. Studious. Sheltered
HISTORY: Erika, being the youngest in her family, has always felt sheltered by them. She's never been allowed to go anywhere without her brother (or the parentals) by her side. Yes, she has the stereotypical overprotective big brother. Her parents are pressuring her to get a job, while her friends are telling her not to. She's not really into conformity, and she doesn't plan to be either. Things are a bit better now that she has just turned 17, but she still strives for independence. Aside from that, she gets good grades. Better than average, anyway. An aspiring actress, she hopes to go to New York one day and go on Broadway.
RELATIONSHIPS: Younger sister of Alexander Lincoln. Good friends with Marissa Kettering. Crushing on Jason Karr.
TB: ChaChaPrincess
PB: Amber Tamblyn

NAME: Kurt Harris
AGE: 19 (Senior)
SCHOOL: West Seattle High
JOB: Self-employed mechanic. He’s the guy you come to for anything dealing with cars.
PERSONALITY: Tough, Intense, Charming, Fast
HISTORY: Kurt has a sketchy past and if you ask him about it, he won’t tell you the truth. In and out of several schools, Kurt finally found a ‘home’ give or take at West Seattle. He doesn’t fit in anywhere – he’s actually perceived as the school bully, but is far from it. When you actually get to know him, if you dare to, he’s actually a good guy to know.
RELATIONSHIPS: Secretly admiring Erika Lincoln. Good friends with Drake, but hasn’t heard from him in a while. Also friends with Stephen.
TB: jillrenay
PB: Bryan Greenberg

Chief Sealth High

NAME: Jason Karr
AGE: 17
SCHOOL: Chief Sealth High (Senior)
JOB: None at the moment.
PERSONALITY: Wily. Assertive. Capricious. Persistent.
HISTORY: Jason is Chief Sealth's Renaissance man. It seems like he can do everything -- he's the record-breaking star of the track team, his GPA is one of the school's highest, and everyone loves him. Every girl he's dated has brought him home to meet the parents. His unlimited potential hasn't gone unnoticed, as colleges and universities all over the country have already started offering him scholarships, which opens up a new realm of possibilities. He's grown up in Arbor Heights all his life, and he's just about ready to break out of the bubble and experience the world. He plans on going to a university in the East Coast -- as far away from his hometown as possible.
RELATIONSHIPS: Hates Stephen Reitman. Ex-boyfriend of Lila Shelton. Crushing on Jacqueline Kessler.
TB: mizzae
PB: Jesse Metcalfe

NAME: Liana van der Heijden
AGE: 18
SCHOOL: Chief Sealth High
JOB: None. She's just moved to Seattle.
PERSONALITY: Guarded, Compassionate, Ambitious, Sensitive, Sarcastic, and Intelligent.
HISTORY: Liana has just arrived in Seattle from South Africa, and so far hasn't loved it. She was happy, popular, well-ff and settled in SA, and resents moving to america. Now her and her family are starting from scratch, and she feels completely lost.
RELATIONSHIPS: TBA - Liana doesn't know anyone yet to the fact that she's new in town.
TB: 'Beautiful Disaster'
PB: Emilie De Ravin.

NAME: Cheri Fontaine
AGE: 17
SCHOOL: Chief Sealth High
JOB: Hostess/Waitress at her uncle’s restaurant
PERSONALITY: Shy, Caring, Determined, Cordial, Smart
HISTORY: Like Liana, Cheri is a transfer student from New Orleans and doesn’t talk much but if she does, it’s hard to shut her up. An avid dancer, she’s dedicated to mastering the tango she had been learning prior to transferring to Seattle. She was raised by her grandmother mostly all her life up until recently when she passed of old age. Now living with her closest relatives, an aunt, uncle and their three younger children, Cheri isn’t familiar with the bustling metropolis other than it’s the coffee capital of the world. But hopefully taking the job at her uncle’s restaurant, she hopes to get to know it better.
RELATIONSHIPS: Although she knows she shouldn’t – developing a thing for Jason Karr in inevitable, especially since he’s the only one she knows so far. But Cameron is someone who intrigues her. Becoming friends with Erika, Jac and Liana.
TB: jillrenay
PB: Hilary Duff


NAME: Travis Kelton, goes by 'Kelton' usually
AGE: 19
SCHOOL: Seattle Pacific University
JOB: Works as a waiter as the trendy Ovio Bistro.
PERSONALITY: carefree, independent, somewhat rebellious, sarcastic, outgoing
HISTORY: Travis is out on his own in Seattle, working as a waiter to pay his way through college. Pining for freedom from his parents as soon as he hit eighteen, he moved to Seattle to go to school. Carfree and a bit on the wild side, Travis isn't known to settle down for anyone easily. Living by his own rules, he's sure to give you a few surprises along the way.
RELATIONSHIPS: Close friends with Dom Denneo and Zachary Schaffer; doesn't exactly love AJ; somewhat crushing on Jennifer Singlass.
TB: swear to shake it up
PB: Ryan Cabrera

NAME: Jennifer Singlass. Jen (hates being called "Jenny")
AGE: 19
SCHOOL: Art Institute of Seattle
JOB: Works at Pegasus Pizza on Alki Beach
PERSONALITY: Sweet, Open-minded, Opinionated, Argumentative
HISTORY: Jen is your typical girl-next door type. She was raised with two parents who love each other very much and she is not known to say a mean word about anybody. She has been into art since she was a little kid, even showing her parents her little finger paints she did. So, because of this, she excelled at Art in school and tried to get the best marks possible, so imagine her surprise when she got accepted into the Art Institute of Seattle.
RELATIONSHIPS: Best friend of Dominic Denneo since Junior High; Neighbour of Devin Lawrence; Crushing on Travis Kelton.
TB: ChaChaPrincess
PB: Brittany Snow

NAME: Zachary Schaffer. Zac.
AGE: 18
SCHOOL: Seattle Pacific University
JOB: None.
PERSONALITY: Eloquent. Opionated. Charismatic. Passionate.
HISTORY: When his father uprooted them from Los Angeles five years ago, nobody else in the family protested and resisted more than Zac. He's been able to adjust to living in Seattle since then, although it had been a long, relatively painful process. For the first three years he was considered a loner by his peers, as he mostly concentrated on academics and hardly ever showed up at social events. But he changed unexpectedly at the start of his senior year after having discovered the intoxicating beauty of Taylor Udekirk, who seemed to have more substance in one finger than all the other high school girls he knew.
RELATIONSHIPS: Older brother of Ivan Shaffer. Friend of Travis Kelton. Crushing on Taylor Udekirk.
TB: mizzae
PB: Matt Dallas

NAME: Chris Jacobs
AGE: 20
SCHOOL: University of Washington
JOB: Waiter at Ovio Bistro
PERSONALITY: Reckless. Wily. Care-free. Opinionated. Independent.
HISTORY: Chris moved to Seattle two years ago when he actually started College. He's originally from Boston, so it was an extreme change to move and not have his parents to guide him. But, he loves being on his own and not caring about what anyone else thinks. If someone is mean to any of his friends, he fights back, no matter what the consequences are. He really likes the Seattle air and the scenery, but he doesn't wanna be there forever.
RELATIONSHIPS: Co-worker and good friend of Travis Kelton and Atiyana Moretti. Crushing on Valerie Jamison, Acquaintance of Stephen Reitman and Cameron Stollman.
TB: ChaChaPrincess
PB: Tom Welling

NAME: Valerie Jamison. Val.
AGE: 18
SCHOOL: Just graduated from Chief Sealth. Postponing going to the University of Washington for a year to travel.
JOB: Freelance photographer for local magazines.
PERSONALITY: Driven. Worldly. Engaging. Picky. Self-sufficient. Sanguine.
HISTORY: Valerie is the youngest of five children and the only girl in the Jamison family, one of the wealthiest families in town. Her mother died when she was very young, so she's been living under one roof (which was fortunately a very big roof) with five males for the past 15 years. Her overprotective older brothers are all living their own lives outside of Arbor Heights now, so the past few years of having the town all to herself has been bliss. Not that her father hasn't attempted to take "watching over his only daughter" to a whole new level, of course, but now that she's officially out of high school he can no longer deny that she's not his little girl anymore. After much discussion, he finally gave Valerie her freedom and went so far as to allow her to take a year off from school to do some traveling before going to college. She'll take her growing obsession with photography along for the ride of course, and plans take multiple shots of everything that deserves space in her memory cards.
RELATIONSHIPS: Crushing on Chris Jacobs. Neighbor and friend of Erika and Alexander Lincoln.
TB: mizzae
PB: Amanda Crew

NAME: Rienne Sagnier
AGE: 20
SCHOOL: Cornish College of the Arts
JOB: none
PERSONALITY: Free-spirited. Opinionated. Collected. Congenial.
HISTORY: Rienne was usually referred to as the "artsy chick" all through her four years at Chief Sealth High. But she was far from being "uncool" back then, mostly because she hardly looked like your typical teenage art freak, and she dated the school's football star Dominic Denneo for most of their junior and senior years. She slowly became good friends with Dom's best friend Jennifer Singlass, after getting over their initial hesistation to become friends due to their perceived differences in personality. But after a while, they realized they were more alike than they had thought, and even bonded over their love for art. Even though she and Dom had broken up shortly after starting college, she and Jennifer have remained good friends.
RELATIONSHIPS: Close friend of Jennifer Singlass. Crushing on Cameron Stollman. Ex-girlfriend of Dominic Denneo.
TB: mizzae
PB: Emmy Rossum

Arbor Heights